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This is the Administration page. You can create a new user, a new product or a new customer. You can lists users, products and customers. Additionally you can define reports for users.

Link Description
Clear Cache To avoid connections to the Database each time some data is needed, the once read data will cached in the memory for a short time period (10-15 minutes). If one perform a direct SQL update on a table the shown data in the browser may be wrong. Therefore a cleaning of the cached data is required in this case.
Users Shows you a list with all users.
Create User Shows the mask for user creation
Customers Shows you a list with all customers.
Create Customer Shows the mask for customer creation
Products Shows you a list with all products.
Create Product Shows the mask for product creation
Reports Shows you a list with all defined reports.
New Report Definition Shows the mask for creation of a new report definition.
Journaling Allows you to see what goes on in the system.

Because not all actions are possible with the Web interface the administrator can perform UPDATE/SELECT/INSERT SQL statements directly.

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