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Here you can create a new product.

Field Description Note
Name The name for the product. It must be unique. required
Description A short description for the product. It should be not empty. required
URL A link to a product/project home page optional
Name for Mail-GW An email address (without the host domain) if it should be possible to submit tickets via Mail-Gateway in this product. optional
Default Admin The name of a user, who should be the default product administrator optional

Here are additional checkboxes:

Name Description
Allow reading for all If checked it will allow ANY user (anonym, customer, engineer) to read all tickets in this product.
Allow posting for all If checked it will allow ANY user to post new tickets in this product.
Check if system/component exists! If this is checked it will be checked by the creation of a new ticket if the desired system and component are defined in this product.
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