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Fill in the fields and then press the Create-Button to create a new report definition.

The following table explains the fields:

Field Description Note
Recipient Who should receive the automatically generated report? You can type the login name of the user directly or select an user from a list by accessing the link on the right side in the row. required
Subject The subject for the report. This subject will be set in the mail send to the recipient. required
Reporting Time Here you can set the hours and minutes when the report should be generated. required, the default is 6pm
Scheduling Scheduling information for reports. Do you want daily, weekly or monthly reports? Should be the report generated only on working days or also on free days? required, the default is daily reporting on all days
Only Expired Tickets If checked only expired tickets will be considered. optional, the default is all tickets
States This is a condition part for the report data. Please check all states you are interrested in. optional
Priorities This is a condition part for the report data. Please check all priorities you are interreseted in. optional
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