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Fill in the fields and then press the Create-Button to create a new user.

The following table explains the fields:

Field Description Note
Login Name The login name of the user required
Title The title optional
Last Name The last name of the user required
First Name The first name of the user optional
Password The password for the new user (it can be later changed by the user itself) required
Retype password Here you should retype the password required
Mail The mail address for the user. Mail is required only if the user should receive notifications or reports. But it is good practice to set this field to have some contact information for the user. optional
Mail for notifications An mail address to be used only for notifications. If this is configured it will be used in the notification system instead of the above address. optional
Phone number The phone number to contact the user optional
Fax number The fax number to contact the user optional
Mobile number The number of the mobile phone for the user optional
Room The room for the engineer. For customers it can be also provided. optional
Admin Please check it only if the new user should be an administrator of the system. optional
Customer Please check it if the new user should be an customer user. If this box is checked a customer should be selected from the provided list. optional
Picture URL Here you can provide an URL for accessing a picture of the user. optional
UI Language You can select a preferred language for the user interface for the new user. optional
After Login Here you set which action should be performed after login. optional
Description A short additional info about the new user optional
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