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User settings are not available for anonymous users!

In the following table you can find the description for "Sub Menu" commands:

Command Description
Notification Allows you to manage and see your mail notifications
Reports Shows your the list with report definitions for automatically generated periodic reports. The reports are maintained by administrator, you can't make any changes.
HW Changes Shows the list with notifications about Hardware changes. The list is maintained by the administrator.

The following table shows the customizable parameters:

Field Description
UI Language Please select one of the available user interface languages.
After Login Select the page after successful login. Following pages are possible:
Default Goto the Main page (Welcome)
New Ticket Goto the page to submit a new ticket
Search Goto the advanced search page
Statistics Goto the statistic page
Administration Goto the Administration page (should be preferred by admins)
New Tickets Goto the page with new tickets assigned or forwarded to you
My Tickets Goto the page with tickets you are working on (should be preferred by engineers)
All My Tickets Goto the tickets you are the responsible person (engineer) independent from the state
My Submitted Tickets Goto the page for ticket submission (should be preferred by customers)
Tickets To Assign Goto the page with tickets to be assigned by you (should be preferred by users with assign privilege)
Tickets To Verify Goto the page with tickets to be verified by you (should be preferred by users with verify privilege)
Tickets To Close Goto the page with tickets to be closed by you (should be preferred by users with close privilege)
Sort By Specify your preferred value for ticket sorting:
Ticket Number Sorts tickets by the unique ticket number
Title Sorts tickets by title
Priority Sorts tickets by the assigned priority
State Sorts tickets by the state
Customer Sorts tickets by the names of the associated customers
Date Sorts tickets by the creation date
Order Ascending or descending sorting order
Change Password If you want to change your password please enter the old password, type and retype a new password and then press the Change Password-Button.
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