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In the table below you can find the help for the different ticket types:

Ticket Classification Description
New Tickets A list with new tickets assigned or forwarded to you
My Tickets A list with tickets you are working on
All My Tickets A list with tickets you are the responsible person (engineer) independent from the state.
My Submitted Tickets A list with tickets you have submitted
Tickets To Assign A list with tickets to be assigned by you
Tickets To Verify A list with tickets to be verified by you
Tickets To Close A list with tickets to be closed by you

At the ticket pages you don't see all the ticket information, but only some common fields like id, subject, state and priority.

To get all the ticket details please follow the link with the ticket number.

The tickets are shown in pages (chunks). That means you don't see a big list at once, but only a portion of 20 (configurable value for the servlet) tickets.

Accordingly to the state and permissions one can:

  • assign a ticket to an engineer
  • accept or reject an assigned ticket
  • forward a ticket to another person
  • accept or reject a forwarded ticket
  • add a memo
  • upload an attachment
  • append some text to the description (only the submitter)
  • add an action (solution)
  • see the history
  • set the state to WAIT
  • continue working (WAIT -> OPEN)
  • resolve the ticket
  • accept or reject a resolved ticket
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